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A Burglar Alarm System Agent (BASA) is any employee of electrical or burglar alarm contractors whose duties include any of the following:

  • Altering burglar alarm systems
  • Installing burglar alarm systems
  • Maintaining burglar alarm systems
  • Moving burglar alarm systems
  • Repairing burglar alarm systems
  • Replacing burglar alarm systems
  • Servicing burglar alarm systems
  • Selling burglar alarm systems

A Fire Alarm System Agent (FASA) is any employee of electrical or fire alarm contractors whose duties include any of the following:

  • Altering fire alarm systems
  • Installing fire alarm systems
  • Maintaining fire alarm systems
  • Moving fire alarm systems
  • Repairing fire alarm systems
  • Replacing fire alarm systems
  • Servicing fire alarm systems
  • Selling fire alarm systems
  • Selling burglar alarm systems
A FASA (Fire Alarm System Agent) and or BASA (Burglar Alarm System Agent) certification and ID Card is required by Florida Statutes for any person who is performing Alarm work as described above.

All Alarm Agents must carry their FASA and/or BASA identification card that includes the following:

  • Photo of the agent
  • Name of the agent
  • Signature of Agent
  • Name, address and license number of the contractor
  • Signature of the contractor
  • Issue date and expiration date
If anyone comes to your home to work on, inspect, program, consult, test, upgrade, touch, look at or discuss your Alarm System in any way, ask to see their FASA or BASA ID card BEFORE you let them in.

All reputable companies have all of their employees FASA/BASA Certified so if they do not have a card THEY ARE ILLEGAL and may intend to RIP YOU OFF or Worse. As with any home solicitation or sale, if you do not know they are coming, do not open the door. Tell them to leave or mail you their info and you will call and schedule an appointment if you are interested. If they are at your door and do not have a card, CALL THE POLICE!! Get 911 on the Phone before you open the door!!!

By the way, the company that currently services your alarm will NOT send someone to your house without an appointment or written notice in advance except in a situation where you would expect them to come. For example, the alarm is sounding, the Police are there and no one can shut off the alarm, there has been a Burglary, the Police are there and the Alarm Company sends an inspector to determine what happened. Note in these scenarios, THE POLICE ARE THERE!! Otherwise, no appointment, no entry. Be a smart consumer and do not allow yourself to be ripped off by high pressure sales types who will mis-represent themselves to get a sale.

Hope this helps keep some one from being a victim. For more frequently asked questions about FASA and BASA certifications and ID cards go to our FAQ page.

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